Santes Incınerator

SANTES has been specialized on incineration technology since 1990 and has Bureau Veritas Certified ISO 9001:2008quality management system and CE Certificate. SANTES aims to manufacture the most efficient and feasible incinerators while maintaining the environmental quality and sustainability.

Flue Gas Treatment Systems


Tailor - made design specifically for your waste

Various kinds of fuel can be used as a source of fuel such as diesel, LPG, natural gas, fuel oil, waste oil and JP8.
Optional automatic loading and ash removal systems.
High combustion efficiency; 99.99% for organics.
Fully automated control mechanism that prevents operational ha ndicaps & easy maintanance.
Optional flue gas treatment units as dry or wet scrubbers.
Energy recovery options as hot water, thermal oil, hot air, steam and even electricity based on the capacity and type of the waste.
European emission standards are met; harmful gasses are treated in the gas filtering units.
High waste reduction efficiency.

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